About & Contact

WHAT/WHERE/WEAR- 69 is an all inclusive *mostly denim lifestyle brand based in Los Angeles, California. It is timeless and classic yet made in our present and meant for the future. 

WHO- 69 is anonymous artist and values their privacy.

HOW/WHO/WHERE- 69 works almost exclusively with family owned small businesses in L.A. because we value our relationships with everyone who works with us. Most of our work is produced within a 6 mile radius of DTLA.

WHY- 69 is grateful for every body who finds their way here. Your consideration is deeply appreciated and valued.

You complete the looks and you complete the work. It's a privilege and and honor to make nice things for you:)

Our goal is that 69 brings you joy.

 WHERE/HOW- Visit our store @meals_clothing_store

 SEND US YOUR 69 PHOTOS- We love seeing 69 out in the world! Send us your photos and if we use them, we'll trade you a $100 discount code for 69 :) Send pics to whatsup@sixty-nine.us

For any inquiries, please contact whatsup@sixty-nine.us